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Apostille Services

What is an Apostille?

Apostille is an authentication that is required for documents being used in another country. Countries outside of the USA require this type of verification to prove the validity of the document. An apostille is required for those countries that are apart of the Hague Convention. Countries that are not apart of the Hague Convention require further authentication from the Embassy or Consulate.

The Process

The process for acquiring an apostille is by filling out an apostille request and having it authenticated by the Secretary of State in the state that the document originated from. Turn around time varies, but is usually 7 business days once the document is received by the Secretary of State office.

Apostille Agent

My duty as the apostille agent is to ensure that your document requires an apostille, check with the state of origin to retrieve their request instructions, have your document submitted to the correct Secretary of State office, and get the document with attached apostille back to you in a timely manner.

Common Docs to Apostille

Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates

Certified Copies

Background Checks

Power of Attorney

School Transcript/Diploma

Divorce Decree

Court Documents

Vehicle Titles

Clerk of the County Documents

Notarized Documents

And More.....


    Vary by state. (Each state has its own fees, rules, and requirements)

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